Ford Hybrid Essay

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Ford Hybrid EMG3301 Susan McCabe Abstract What made the Ford Escape Hybrid the most complex project in Ford’s history? Was it because it was the first hybrid SUV? Or was it because it was the most technically advanced product the automaker had ever attempted to put into mass production. (Salter, 2004) What kind of challenges was the hybrid team faced with? Was it motivation, time, money, knowledge, or supplies? The purpose of this paper is to discuss the project life cycle that is evident, was it effective having two project managers, the toughest challenges that were faced by this high-risk project and finally discuss whether the hybrid team was efficient. Brief Background of Closing Case The closing case of “Ford’s Hybrid SUV Project Team Races to the Finish” discussed how the creation of the Ford Hybrid Escape could be one of the most important vehicles in company history. It also discussed how things were not running smoothly in the beginning. Although there were several highly educated team players that held PhDs, there was one major weakness: launch experience. Ford needed someone with experience to bring the hybrid to completion without prioritizing perfection, but having the capability and the drive to actually finish the vehicle. The person needed to complete this task could not be concerned with hours worked and must be able to meet deadlines. The Ford Hybrid Escape needed a person with project planning and management skills. That person would be Mary Ann Wright – part spark plug, part disciplinarian, and all Ford. (Kreitner and Cassidy, 2008) Project Life Cycle Project managers face many difficult challenges. They work outside the normal organizational hierarchy or chain of command because projects are temporary. They must rely on excellent “people management skills” instead of on giving orders. Those skills include, but are not limited to,
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