First Vaccination Timeline (Timeline)

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Vaccination Timeline: 1976 First Vaccination for smallpox but was a dead end. After development of the knowledge of treatment (through Pasteur’s germ theory) and other honourable mentions there was a vaccination made against: Typhoid 1896 Tuberculosis 1906 Diphtheria 1913 Tetanus 1927 Whooping Cough 1952 Polio 1954 Measles 1964 MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) 1988 Work of Domagk: In 1932 the second Magic Bullet was found when Gerhard Domagk discovered that one particular red dye was effective against some cases of blood poisoning. From this red dye Gerhard developed the drug Prontosil. The drug could save many lives because at the time many people became infected and died from simple cuts and bruises. Research shows that the key ingredient in Pronotsil was sulphonamide. Other drugs which contained the same compound could cure…show more content…
After improved understanding of the causes of disease there was understanding that you could cure a disease. Behring used this and Koch’s work to isolate anti toxins that would otherwise ,harm the body, to fight Diphtheria, Behring then found a way to inject it. Paul Ehrlich ( a member of Koch’s team) used his team to build on this work , he knew that certain dyes stained specific microbes (Koch’s work) furthermore with Behring’s work Paul tres to find a cure for syphillis a “magic bullet” that would only target the microbes and not the body. He managed to research seven years which was only made possible because of government funds. In 1909 Dr Hata had joined the research team and he reviewed the previous experiments. Hata had discovered that there previously had been a mistake. The 606th compound that they had tested was actually effective1 The compound was known as Salvarsan 606 and shows how many times Ehrlich had tries other compounds. This ouse of chemical drugs to target and cure illnesses were an important
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