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FIN 540 Midterm Exam 100% Correct Answer Question 1 Which of the following statements is most CORRECT? The primary rationale for most operating mergers is synergy. Question 2 Which of the following is generally NOT true and an advantage of going public? Question 3 Which of the following statements is NOT Question 4 Which of the following statements about valuing a firm using the APV approach is most Question 5 Which of the following statements is most CORRECT? Question 6 Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) Statement #13 requires that for an unqualified…show more content…
The parent receives annual dividends from the subsidiary of $2,500,000. If the parent's marginal tax rate is 34% and if the exclusion on intercompany dividends is 70%, what is the effective tax rate on the intercompany dividends, and how much net dividends are received? Question 20 New York Waste (NYW) is considering refunding a $50,000,000, annual payment, 14% coupon, 30-year bond issue that was issued 5 years ago. It has been amortizing $3 million of flotation costs on these bonds over their 30-year life. The company could sell a new issue of 25-year bonds at an annual interest rate of 11.67% in today's market. A call premium of 14% would be required to retire the old bonds, and flotation costs on the new issue would amount to $3 million. NYW's marginal tax rate is 40%. The new bonds would be issued when the old bonds are called. What will the after-tax annual interest savings for NYW be if the refunding takes place? Question…show more content…
Each debenture can be converted into 25 shares of common stock at any time before 2019. What is the conversion value of the bond? Question 23 Warren Corporation’s stock sells for $42 per share. The company wants to sell some 20-year, annual interest, $1,000 par value bonds. Each bond would have 75 warrants attached to it, each exercisable into one share of stock at an exercise price of $47. The firm’s straight bonds yield 10%. Each warrant is expected to have a market value of $2.00 given that the stock sells for $42. What coupon interest rate must the company set on the bonds in order to sell the bonds-with-warrants at par? Question 24 Europa Corporation is financing an ongoing construction project. The firm will need $5,000,000 of new capital during each of the next 3 years. The firm has a choice of issuing new debt or equity each year as the funds are needed, or issue only debt now and equity later. Its target capital structure is 40% debt and 60% equity, and it wants to be at that structure in 3 years, when the project has been completed. Debt flotation costs for a single debt issue would be 1.6% of the gross debt proceeds. Yearly flotation costs for 3 separate issues of debt would be 3.0% of the gross amount. Ignoring time value effects, how much would the firm save by

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