Figurative Language In Romeo And Juliet

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Introduction – - Name of the play, playwright - Why it is powerful - Topics I will discuss - One of the most well known dramatic scenes ever written. Language – -Refers to nature a lot -Romeo is always talking about astrology and describing Juliet to the sun and stars. -hyperbolic language (exaggerating something to emphasize a point) Staging – -It is set in an orchard like the first Adam and eve – innocent, pure - enclosed like a tomb – highlights danger - hard to get in so it will be hard to get out - levels – julliet is up on a balcony because she is closer to the stars, like an angel, romeo is below her balcony like a courtly lover - set at night because stars shine brighter at night Danger – The nurse highlights and reminds us of the danger…show more content…
After the quote – This clearly shows that….. Shakespeare uses the description….to discuss…. *- language, staging, characters Topic sentences examples – - In ‘Romeo and Julliet’, Shakespeare explores the theme of passionate love through act two scene two by…..* - The use of * enhances the depth of romeo and Juliet’s love… - The * plays a large role in making this scene powerful. Quotes – ‘I’d rather be murdered than not be able to talk to you’ This shows how Romeo was completely besotted. ‘swear not by the moon - Juliet is being logical as the moon keeps on moving. Fairest star in all of heaven – Romeo – night, The sun – Juliet is the most important thing in the universe and everything revolves around her. It also implies that she is his source of light in the dark night. Julliet refers to their love as lightening which is completely true as jst a few hours after meeting, they decided to get married. Their love was quick and powerful. Bud of love – beginning of the blossoming of their relationship. (Juliet) Neisse – Juliet is Romeo’s young unfledged
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