Exploring the Sociological Imagination

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Exploring the Sociological Imagination Sociological Imagination Part 1 Sociological imagination, a term coined by C. Wright Mills, is defined as “ the ability to see the relationship between the individual experiences and the larger society” (Lothian Murray, Linden, & Kendall, 2011, p. 7). Understanding this relationship is detrimental to thinking like a sociologist, and it enables you to broaden the way that you think about both individuals and societies as a whole. Looking at the big picture is not enough to be able to understand an issue; just as you cannot understand it if you only look at the small picture. By looking at the big picture, you are able to distinguish patterns of behaviour and truly understand why certain things are happening. On the other hand, by looking at the smaller picture, you can understand on a personal level. The sociological imagination is important in today’s society because it allows us to step back and be logical and rational before making a careless move. It can even help society to improve as a whole by becoming better people. By considering seemingly small details on a larger scale, it is easier to get a clear understanding of how our world acts and why it does what it does. Sociological imagination works to eliminate ethnocentric views and allows people to think in terms of different groups of people (ethnic, social, economic, age, gender etc.) before judging the cover. Using the sociological imagination is important to us because without looking at society at a whole, or without considering individuals’ lives, it is easy to live an ignorant life. For example, if you walk down the street and you see a homeless man, you might look at them with disgust or ignore them completely. However if you use the concept of sociological imagination, you would realize that lack of affordable housing is the leading cause of

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