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English Literature Mr. A November 1, 2010 Explication The red blossom bends And drips it’s dew to the ground Like a tear it falls The English Canon by Adrienne Su holds a serious tone expressing anger and frustration. The title of the poem doesn’t express symbolism for what the poem is going to be about. The first sentence starts off expressing of the narrators anger growing for the fact that women speakers were left out. The poem shows the pain the narrator went through and the struggles the young woman had. It further expresses the limits that were paced on the women further growth of the pain. It grew so much that it couldn’t be hidden any longer. When the narrator mentions the “harlots, shows how upset the young woman is. And impossible loves seen from afar, often while bathing gives you an imagery of how women are treated, taught not to dress tasteless, stay slim, not speak unless spoken to. Just shows how much control they are under. Women should trust their instincts and step out of the box with ambitions of their own. American Poetry by Louis Simpson- The poem is a characteristic example of the metaphorical language used by Simpson, comparing American poetry to human beings. This poem uses personification. and the imagery that refers rubber, coal, uranium, moons, and poems. The tone of this mans voice is stronger, than if it had been the voice of a woman. Loving poetry just as much in life at one time to see how each will work out, since no one can look ahead to see where each choice might lead. Easter Wings by George Herbert- The speaker is having a dialogue with god. Herbert tells us that choices are extremely important. At the beginning of the poem, the speaker Is asking god, why he give man life, in which he takes for granted? He even regrets that at some specific point in his life that if he who did wrong, do not condemn him. When he

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