Explain Why Was Pitt Appointed Prime Minister In 1922

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AS British History- Pitt the younger (1783-1806) Why was Pitt appointed Prime Minister in December 1783? · Consider the structure of late 18th century politics in Britain, especially the power of the monarch at the time. Ø Cabinets existed t deal with the Kings business, and their members were appointed with that objective in mind. Not appointed as a group or come to office to carry out an agreed programme of measures. Ø Minister’s achievements are largely personal ones, not those of the party. Very different position to later 19th Prime ministers who owed their position to electoral victory (mandate) and their leadership of a united cabinet and party much like a modern prime minister. Ø To achieve a government majority because…show more content…
There would only be tax put on hen the goods were taken out. If exported out again there would be no tax. Idea first put forward by Walpole. Combated smuggling. Successful. Impact of the French Revolution (1789) Ø It has been said that the French revolution strengthen rather than weaken the position of the ruling elite as there was more oppression and counter revolutionary explosion of popular loyalism to the current system. Ø Some say the Jacobean threat was not that great and they did not have much in common with the French Revolutionaries. The British Jacobin had no structure or the tactics necessary to a revolutionary threat. Ø Opponents of the French revolution saw the London Correspondent society as French Jacobins. Ø Some historians argue that there was no real revolutionary threat during the 1790’s. Ø Whigs supported the revolution whereas the Pitts party was against it Ø The LCS had a lot of influence on the people. They were open to all, and relatively cheap to join. This made it accessible. They had a lot of branches around the nation. They were able to attract thousands of supporters in open air meetings. So were popular and the largest radical
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