Essay on the Crucible

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Gary Glinsey
English II
Period 1
The Crucible Essay Assignment The Crucible by Arthur Miller is a relation between the 1950’s dealing with suspected communism in America, otherwise known as the McCarthy era, and a fictitious but historically correct tale about the witch trials that occurred in Salem, Massachusetts around the 17th century. McCarthyism dealt with people being accused of communism and in Salem many were accused as well and during this hysteria John Proctor was accused. He was a farmer, was not easily led and was even tempered. He had a dark side as well, which made John an interesting character. Towards the end of Act 3 John was accused of compacting with Satan. He was then sentenced to hang. However he was given a chance to live, by confessing to have worked with the devil and sign his name to show at the nearby church. Because he had to sign his name the only thing he had left he didn’t sign and was not going to damn his name, but to honor God by not lying. For that John Proctor had great character by forgetting his past and becoming a godly example and for that he should be considered a main character.
John Proctor was a developing character and by towards the middle/ end of the book he cut ties with Abigail by burying that horse in the ground. Initially, John Proctor was to have had an affair with Abigail, which when explained in the appendix shows the true John willing to leave Abigail alone and start to realize the beautiful Elizabeth Proctor. When he talked with Abigail around the end of Act 2 he told her,” You will tell the court you are blind to spirits: you cannot seem them anymore, and you will never cry witchery again, or I will make you famous for the whore you are “(page 143)! This showed that John Proctor was willing to stand up for his wife and to bury his past with Abigail, by becoming a new person.
Furthermore, John Proctor
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