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Weather or Not? 1 When deciding on an occupation for your life, everyone gives you the advice to do something you love. People say this because if you are doing what you love, you will never work a day in your life. Knowing this, I am interested in pursuing meteorology. As I have aged, I have grown fond of the weather. I am fascinated by the weather and how it changes, constantly, especially in Durant, Oklahoma. In my study of becoming a meteorologist, I have acquired knowledge about the education, the responsibilities, the typical work day, the opportunities, and the lifestyle of this profession. In the event of a student becoming a meteorologist or a type of meteorologist, there are ways to get prepared and informed. 4 The education needed to become a meteorologist is a bachelor’s degree in an atmospheric science or a weather related degree. Since being a meteorologist is tedious and hands on, several advanced courses of physics and mathematics are required. Radars, computer screens, and figuring future data…show more content…
13 A meteorologist makes on average a salary of $103,080. A rookie or a person with little experience will average about $71,020, and a person with about five years of experience can make about $75,000 - $80,000. These are the mean salaries of an Oklahoma meteorologist, not a national average ( This money could definitely help support a family, especially if your spouse worked too. The topic I most dislike about being a meteorologist is the family life. 12 The unusual working hours are not ideal with this occupation for family time. It would be hard to focus on your job and family if you were apart all of the time. I would fear I would not get to be around my future spouse and kids. Although, the unusual hours depend on your place of employment, and it will without a doubt affect my decision of becoming a meteorologist

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