Essay On Abusive Relationships

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Abusive relationship can take many forms from the very severe where a guy has beaten her almost to her death, to just a verbal assault daily, likewise there is many reason why women continue to stay in the abusive relationships, These can be things like she is worried about her safety more if the police are called in and will they believe her, the courts and the justice system in the UK, is very far from perfect in all aspects, but they don’t go far enough to help to convince women that their safety will be protected should they be convinced to come forward, as with all types of abuse the admitting there is a problem is only the start. Unfortunately some women don’t see the problem if they have been under constant attack from their husband,…show more content…
Sadly any women can fall a victim to this type of crime as it doesn’t matter on the women’s age, there have been victims who are just at school with their first boyfriend during their teen ages to women in their later more mature years, when a guy ends up being abusive there is no age limit as the guy would need to feel the power that it would give them, Any race, ethnic and even religious groups can be affected, in most cases in some religious groups like in some Islamic countries the women has been made to be inferior to their men, where they are set beneath them they are not allowed to walk beside their men only behind them and they are bound to a religious law set were the punishment which would be set down by the elders would be extremely harsh by many western standards, There was quite a few pieces in the news a few years back where in India / Pakistan were women were just sexually exploited for male sexual gain, which is sexual abuse, the women who had survived their ordeal sadly had taken their own lives as they couldn’t stand to live with the shame. There are many other groups who are at risk as it
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