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According to the 2010 United States Census, 93.5% of the racial makeup of the city of Escanaba is white. In the 2010 Religion Census it was reported that the Christian religion was predominant, and English was primary language spoken at home. Being a part of Delta County, Escanaba has access to over 60 houses of worship. The Escanaba community values where they live and their surroundings. This year, in 2013, will mark 150 years incorporated as a town in Michigan. During this year sesquicentennial year they plan to plant numerous trees and plants to honor family and friends that have lived in the town. It was found that 65% of hospital stays could have been preventable (County Health Rankings, 2013). According to Michigan Department of…show more content…
The obesity rate has almost doubled from 1995, which means that if things don’t change by the year 2030 the rate would reach 50% (Michigan, 2013). Out of 83 counties in Michigan, Delta County is ranked 24 for overall health. Their adult obesity rate is at 30%, which is pretty close to the rate for the entire state of Michigan. The percentage of all restaurants that are fast-food establishments is 54%. That rate is slightly higher compared to the state, which is at 49% (County Health Rankings, 2013). The governor of Michigan started a website and launched a campaign for a healthier state. He focuses on everything from clean drinking water to obesity. In June of 2012 the state of Michigan, along with full back up from the governer launched the “Michigan Health and Wellness 4 x 4 Plan”. Their goal is beat obesity in their state over the next 5 years. The plan is focused on four key healthy behaviors that need to be practiced in order to make the goal including maintaining a healthy diet, engage in regular exercise, obtaining annual physical exams, and avoiding all tobacco use, including exposure (Michigan,

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