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1. How are Twain’s own life experiences reflected in the novel? a.) Facts about Twain’s Life. * Much like Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain quit school around twelve years an old. * The setting of the book was inspired by a Missouri town he moved to when he was four years old. Hannibal, Missouri was both Huck Finn and Twain’s childhood hometown. * Huck and Twains father both die when they are around twelve years old. b.) Parallels in Huck Finn * By and by 2. Why is the point of view used in Huck Finn so effective? a.) What is the point of view * The point of view in Huck Finn is First Person b.) Effectiveness of point of view * The point of view in this novel is so effective because it allows the readers to hear and understand Huckleberry’s cultural surroundings. c.) 3. Twain is considered a regional writer. Examine the techniques Twain uses to depict “local color.” Find examples of each: a.) Misspellings/invented words * Hain’t- an invented word, used in place of the word don’t. (Twain 22) * Nuffn’ – misspelled, the actual word would be nothing (Twain 46) * Gwyne- an invented word meaning going to (Twain 44) b.) Dialect * Huck’s dialect is more of a Pike Country dialect, which is initially where Huckleberry is from. - Ex: “that ain’t no matter” (Twain 1) * Jim’s dialect is more of a slave speak, because of his lack of an education. -Ex: “ne uv’ em’s light en’t the other one is dark. One is rich en t’others po.”(Twain 18) c.) Superstitions * From the beginning of the novel Huckleberry shows the superstitions he has. It has been engraved in his mind through his childhood and is part of his cultural surroundings. -Ex: when huck kills a spider in the first chapter he gets superstitious because he has
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