Educational Planning Process Essay

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Table of Contents I. Introduction 3 II. Discussion 4 III. Conclusion 11 IV. Bibliography 12 II. Introduction Growth, change, technology, globalization and conflict predominate in our present knowledge-based society with highly interdependent and complex organizations. How well an organization operates depends on its capability to mobilize the components of its strategic management. (Miclat, 2005) Initially, it has to design its strategic plans; install a flexible structures hat facilitates decision-making and flow of communications; wisely allocate resources for plans, programs and projects; and implement, monitor and evaluate outputs to determine whether or not pre determined goals and objectives are attained. However, the responsiveness and effectiveness of the strategic plans depends on a thorough conduct of scientific and systematic analysis of the external environment, the internal organization, the organizational culture, values and beliefs, and the accumulation and assurance of adequate resources. Educational planning in one form or another is now quite well established in all the countries in Asia. In the initial phases its relation to socio-economic development plans has been different in different countries. In some countries the first plans for educational development were anterior to the economic development plans. Indeed, the classic example of a master plan for education is the education reform initiated in Japan in 1872 following the Meiji Restoration, which became the springboard for the modernization process in Japan. (Roy-Sing, 2005) In other countries, educational planning arose directly out of economic planning stimulus and in other counties the first educational-planning activities emerged about the same time

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