Drunken Ride A Drunk Accident Analysis

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A Drunken Ride, a Tragic Aftermath is a article by Theresa Conroy and Christine M. Johnson. In the article, a boy makes the decision to drive drunken with four other friends in his vehicle. As the night progress he ends up in a collision and many people loose their lives. In the crash there were many factors that caused the accident. For example, the number of people in five seated car, the amount of alcohol consumed, party that students attended before the accident, and the students actions in the car. When asked who’s to blame the parents points fingers at everyone, but do we know who to blame? When the question came whom to blame? The parents of the victims blamed on Tyson Baxter, a driver of vehicle at the time of incident. Behind the wheel of his Chevrolet Blazer, he was over the legal limit of alcohol consumption. He was at a level of 0.14% when the legal limit is 0.10%. Baxter drove boys to the liquor store where they bought a six-pack of beer. The boys were unable to buy the alcohol, as they all were underage. But they had made the fake identification card that let them purchase it. When he was driving with his…show more content…
It was not only Baxter responsibility; the boys could have acted effectively. When Baxter was driving the vehicle his friends didn’t help the situation by rocking the car back and forth and hanging out the window It also doesn’t help that there were seven passengers in a five-passenger car as it made the seating arrangements hard for all the boys to be seated safely. If the boys would have protected themselves by wearing seat belts like one of the passengers did, then they wouldn’t have been ejected from the vehicle. Or also they could have made arrangements to have someone who wasn’t drunk to drive the vehicle. If they couldn’t have found someone to drive the car then they could have asked the Robert Schweiss to drive since his blood alcohol level was 0.11 percent that makes him just barley over the legal

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