Does Paul Only Have Music Lessons From Maestro? Essay

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Does Paul only have music lessons from Herr Keller? ‘Maestro’ is a book written by Peter Goldsworthy. The novel has many different kind of characters within the text. Eduard Keller was highly regarded and respected in Vienna as a good pianist, so to be taught by him as Paul was, would be a great honour. Paul, who could be known as a poor student, had to focus very hard to become the pianist that he dreamed he was capable of becoming. To become a concert pianist was nearly an impossible job and Keller at many times throughout the novel showed to Paul that he may not had the talent that a concert pianist requires. Keller was not only an intelligent piano teacher but also a life teacher for Paul. Keller teaches everything that Paul can learn in a way that would be the best for a young teenager to understand, it is up to Paul to take it all in and learn from the Maestro’s teaching or he can just ignore his great teacher Keller. Taught by the best to be the best, Keller grew up in Vienna. He was taught piano by Leschetitzky who was highly regarded as one of the best pianists and teachers of that time. Keller taught in a manner that Paul had never ever before experienced in his life. When Paul and Keller first met, Paul was arrogant and sure that there was nothing that this man could possibly teach him. When Keller tried to teach him in his unique style Paul could not accept it. Keller taught from the ground up no matter how experienced you were. “First you must learn to listen.” Keller’s arrogant manner made Paul feel a lower student, but that was how Keller taught. Paul hated this style but it proved to be a very effective method. This kind of unconventional teaching was what made Keller the unique and extraordinary teacher that he was. Paul said of Keller that he was the “worst possible teacher” for him. A “worst possible teacher” or even a bad teacher is someone

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