Divine Command Theory

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Divine Command Theory Divine Command Theory can be described as what are right are whatever God commands, and whatever God forbids is wrong. Being truthful is what some believe that God says is right, but being truthful is the moral think to do (Rachel’s and 50-53). Not, because God says so but, because society says that people must be truthful to be successful and the reach their goals. The advantages to this Theory is that it gives motive to people to be moral which means people are listening to the sayings of God. God faring people accept the teachings of God and the best way to live. Euthyphro dilemma was “Is conduct right because the gods command it, or do the gods command it because it is right” (Rachel’s and 50-53)? The problem with this dilemma is that God is always right and what isn’t right is wrong according to God. Which makes Euthyphro confused because he isn’t sure anymore what is right and what is wrong. The concept of morality is mysterious is saying that just because god says its right to slap a child doesn’t really make it right. It’s just one way of looking at it. This conception of morality makes God’s commands arbitrary. This is saying that God is the only one who can create reason for his sayings. This conception of morality provides the wrong reasons for moral principles. Going back to the child abuse example if God didn’t exist, child abuse wouldn’t be wrong. This is because if God wouldn’t be around to make abuse wrong. However, child abuse would still be malicious so it would still be wrong (Rachel’s and 50-53). Which makes this theory impossible to be right, second even god faring people don’t always agree with everything god states. There are scriptures in the bible that conflict with one another and people are in doubt to what God is saying to them (Rachel’s and
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