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Bonnie Miller February 21, 2012 Environmental Science Delta County Population Study Abstract: This report gives the reader a better understanding of Delta Counties population trends. Population is studied from the following perspective: life span, seasonal deaths, change/trends, age structure and the trends of Bay College enrollment. The hypothesis reflects an optimistic outlook for Delta County with long life spans and growing population. The results are contrary to my hypothesis, Delta County has a population that is ageing and declining. Delta County Population Study Introduction: Michigan’s Delta County populations have fluctuated moderately over time. Organized in 1861 the county began with a population of 1,172 and…show more content…
The information is recorded in excel spreadsheet format. To calculate the average lifespan, I highlighted the years I wanted to average (1865 thru1870) once those are highlighted, along the bottom of the page, the average age calculates automatically along with the number of deaths. Continue doing that for each range of years 1871-1880, 1881-1890 ect. Now record the information on a line graph. The line graph has the years on the x axis and the age on the y axis. That information transferred into graph, makes it easy to see the increase in lifespan from 1865-2009…show more content…
The population is recorded by decades 1840 – 2010. With that information I used a line graph with the years on the x axis and the population amount on the Y axis. To compare trends with other parts of the Upper Peninsula, the graph shows growth curves from 1840-2010 for Delta, Houghton and Marquette counties. Indicated by different color lines (Graph 3a). To determine how population will change over the next two decades: I compiled information from the “2010 Delta County Demographic Profile” Males and Females are categorized separately. I graphed the males and females by age groups as per how the “demographic profile” listed them. I than made a population age structure diagram. (Graph 4a). Projected enrollment for Bay College: using information from Bays website , I graphed the enrollment, years on the x axis and enrollment on the y axis from the first year Bay opened its doors in 1964 up to the current 2011 (Graph 5a).

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