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Travel and Tourism teaches you all about the travel industry, accommodations, transportation and different cultures across the globe. It is one of the most interesting and faster growing industries to work in nowadays. The amount of employment this trade has made by the year 2007 there will be another 300,000 jobs created. Because of how popular the travel industry is, it is becoming harder for people to get a job within the industry and what they would actually want to do in future life. Not only does this affect holiday resorts abroad, it includes places such as Devon, Dorset and Blackpool. Even in our hometown Weston-super-Mare 1 in 10 people work within the travel industry. This has a huge economic impact on the destinations that are visited. People across the world travel for various different reasons, which can be positioned within three different groups; which are business, leisure or visiting friends or family. We are then ale to label these people deepening on the length of stay. The most significant qualities in the travelling and tourism field are communication, teamwork and customer service skills. When working is wanting to work in the travel industry you need to enjoy new challenges and have the ability to work well with new people. When you think about the whole area of travel and tourism and the jobs you can get out of it, it is quite exciting and thrilling that maybe one day you could be working with one of those air hostess’ that was on the plane with you when you went on holiday last year. While working in that industry you will learn a lot about people in different parts of the world and learn about their different cultures’ and how they may live a different life to yours. The skills you may need in this industry are maturity, have people skills, must be able to think outside of the box, and have good retail skills. Also, in order to enjoy the

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