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1.1 Current legislation, guidelines, policies and procedures within own UK Home Nation affecting the safeguarding of children and young people We write our settings policies and procedures based on current legislation and guidelines. The Children Act 1989 was put in place to ensure that children are safeguarded and protected from harm and their welfare is paramount. It outlines the fact that children have their own rights and parents have responsibilities to their children instead of rights over them. It recognised that children have a right to be protected from harm, a right to be listened to and a right to live with parents if it is safe for them. The Protection of Children Act 1999 gave a definition to significant harm. It listed the duties of local authorities regarding child protection. The Children Act 2004 was updated after the tragic death of Victoria climbie’ who suffered at the hands of her carers. Lord Laming issued a report which showed lack of communication between the services involved in her case. The act sees that child protection is improved and there is better communication of services. The Act introduced the children’s commissioners who are there to protect the rights of a child. It also bought in the tracking system which enable all information on a child who was known to the services to be uploaded and flag any warnings. It builds a profile on the child and ensures better communication between services. The Act appointed lead councillors for the local child welfare responsibilities. The statutory guidance Working together to Safeguard Children 2006gives advice on how different agencies should work together in order to promote the welfare of the children and young people and how they should work together to safeguard children. This was then updated in 2010 to reflect the law changes and the recommendations in Lord Lamings report. The UN
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