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Curleys Wife Essay: Of Mice And Men

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  • on October 30, 2011
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Curley’s wife essay

Throughout the novella, Steinbeck slowly presents the character of Curley’s wife in such a way that our opinions of her change.

As Steinbeck fist prepares the reader for the entrance of Curley’s wife he is very begins to prepare the reader for her entrance. He begins to prejudice Curley’s wife making you thing she is a “floozy”. Steinbeck uses this this to introduce the ideas of America citizens at the time and the sexism of ranch workers in the 1930s. Her mannerisms do not help these misconceptions. She looks as if she is standing in a provocative way as she “smiled archly”. This gives the impression that she is trying to be flirty towards the men, showing she is desperate for attention and fitting into the role of the “jail-bait” the men think she is. Although it could be perceived as Steinbeck is trying to show you that she is trouble and also dangerous. In another sense Steinbeck highlights the danger in her appearance. There are hints of warning and danger from the red themed clothing and make-up she wears: “red ostrich feathers”, “rouged lips” and her fingernails “red”. Steinbeck uses this technique to hint to the reader that she has the make up of a dangerous and a character that is feared.

Another way Steinbeck signals danger with Curley’s wife is how he almost tells the reader that trouble is coming. He does this as George tells Lennie to “hide in the brush” if there is any trouble; as soon as Steinbeck uses this he introduces Curley’s wife into the novella. This shows foreboding as there is a reference to Lennie getting in trouble and the very person who creates Lennie’s downfall enters the novella.   Steinbeck also shows this as she first appears, when she cuts off the “rectangle of sunshine”. This is significant as throughout the novella, Steinbeck has used light to show peace and happiness. Now she has entered and she takes the light away it implies she could upset the peace and bring about Lennie’s downfall as if she is...

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