Consider How Shakespeare Presents Hamlet’s Sense of Betrayal by Female Characters Which Contributes to His Alienation from the World

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Consider how Shakespeare presents Hamlet’s sense of betrayal by female characters which contributes to his alienation from the world Not only does the heavy burden of avenging his father take its toll on Hamlet, but also his alienation due to the disloyalty of the female characters Gertrude and Ophelia. This feeling of alienation adds to his procrastination. They both undoubtedly betray him and this could add to the delay in him avenging his father. This adds to the sense of tragedy in Hamlets’ tale as he has to undergo this quest alone. Hamlet is a play where the characters don’t experience catharsis; Hamlet has a tragic flaw, he's indecisive “To be or not to be”, but he dies before he can overcome it. However, the audience does experience a catharsis brought about by the swordfight, where many of the characters are killed, and relief when Hamlet finally acts as a hero and avenges his father. Fortinbras, the prince of Norway, upon hearing the tragic story of Hamlet's life decides to treat his body like that of a hero. Therefore although the ending is tragic, it does contain an element of closure as well as a restoration of social order, both important to the tragic genre. Gertrude’s marriage to Claudius was a key action of betrayal not only to Hamlet, who clearly despises his uncle even before he hears of his treachery, but also to the former King. Hamlet sees the marriage as incest, “Incestuous sheets, as she has married her brother in law. Incest is morally wrong and seen as disgusting as not only is it against these social values, however Hamlet is most disgusted as she promised herself to his father, yet like a whore, sleeps with her husband’s brother. Hamlet is also disgusted by how quickly Gertrude has gotten over the death of his father and can’t understand why she would ever wish to marry Claudius or sleep with him. Hamlet seems obsessed with his
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