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CPT 101:COMPUTER ERGONOMICS Table of contents 2. Executive Summary 3 3 . Introduction 4 Objective 4 Scope 5 4. Features 5 The machine Set-up 6 Screen visibility 6 The Ergonomic Chair 6 The desk 7 The Keyboard 8 The mouse 10 Human set-up 11 The posture 11 The eye 12 Doing Warm-ups 13 Taking Breaks 13 5. Ethical Issues 13 6. Social and Economic Impact 13 7. Market Trends and Future 14 8. Growth and Technology 14 9. Recommendations 15 10. Conclusion 16 11. Reference List 17 2. Executive Summary The information contained in this report is related with the computer ergonomics, which would talk about some of the health risks related with the use of the computer in non-ergonomics way. Ergonomics is concerned with the fit of the person to the working environment. Hence, regardless of the age, the use of the computer is increasing among the people. However, very few are aware of the injuries related with the computer. Musculoskeletal injuries, such as body pains (neck, back and shoulder), eye strain, and carpel tunnel syndrome (pain in the wrist) are some of the health related injuries caused by the use of non ergonomic methods. It is important to apply computer ergonomics for the benefits of the young and the old people working at the computer system. Consequently, which would open a gateway to a good health. So, hereby the report would focus on the parts that are to be covered under the topic ‘Computer ergonomics’. 3 . Introduction People of different ages have been using computers for many years. However, few people are aware of the term ‘Computer Ergonomics’. The term itself shows that it has something to do with the computer. The word ‘Ergonomics’ is derived from Greek words ‘ergon’ (work) and ‘nomos’ (natural laws), so it means that it is concerned with the laws that have to be enforced during the

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