Comparison Between Romeo And Juliet And Pride And Essay

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The conflict within Romeo and Juliet is more obvious than the conflict in Pride and Prejudice. However, this does not mean that the conflict is any less serious. Discuss Both stories contain conflict over love but perhaps more so in Romeo and Juliet and the main conflict in Pride and Prejudice is more about the Bennet families social discrepancies. In Rom and Jul the main conlicts are over a huge fued between two rival families containing violence. In a key scene of conflict Juliet’s father grabs Juliet and is very physical. The conflict in the Pride & prej (the Lizzie, Mr Collins scene) the conflict is pehaps of a matter of words and a heated debate between mother and daughter and is in the end the conflict is asked to be solved by the father. This is a sign of Patriarchy and runs through out story. The Argument between Elizabeth may not be a full out brawl but is still important because it is a matter of Elizabeth’s independence and is also important because it shows she is going against the age old system of patriarchy and the elders in the house is more dominant. This could cause even more conflict because Mrs. Bennet feels so strongly about having her daughters married and would go to any extreme to make it happen. The conflict in Pride and Prejudice is just as important as in Romeo and Juliet because it shows two different opinions clashing and that these scenes influence the
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