Compare and contrast 'Night' and 'Life' is beautiful'

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Compare and Contrast Essay: ‘Night’, ‘Life is Beautiful’ Elie Wiesel’s ‘Night’ is a true and shocking recollection of the terrible days Elie Wiesel spends in the Ghettos of Sighed, the (Sub) concentration camp (s) in Auschwitz and the miserable transportation to Buchenwald. The book is a factual description of events Elie and his father had to go through whilst living in Germany and describes the events of being forced into ghettos, transported to Auschwitz, almost starving to death and almost beaten to death, as a daily routine Elie Wiesel faces in his ‘new’ life as a hunted and imprisoned Jew in Nazi Europe. ‘Life is beautiful’ written by Roberto Benigni also discusses the Holocaust but with a different purpose compared to Elie Wiesel. His purpose was to entertain the people, literally make them cry and most important of all, make them laugh. Benigni sort of twists the ideologies of the Nazi’s, and puts emphasis on their absurdness. His fictitious storyline focuses on a Jewish father and his son trying to survive in a Concentration camp whilst trying to maintain personal happiness. Although both Stories are written with different focuses and purposes, they still have many similarities, especially when examining the main characters. One of the most obvious similarities that can be seen between the film “Life is Beautiful” and the book “Night” is Elie Wiesel and Joshua. Both characters find themselves, in a very similar position. Both are send to concentration camps and have to find a way to survive with their fathers. The biggest physical difference, we as the viewers can interpret, is their age. While Joshua is in his young childhood, Elie is already a very mature teenager. “Hey kid, how old are you?... Fifteen” (P.30) Additionally, they both originate from different countries, Elie from Transylvania and Joschua from Italy. Furthermore, Elie,
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