Cold Mountain Belonging Analysis

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RELATED TEXT-EDWARD SICCORHANDS Belonging is explored in the film as Edward does not fit in and is isolated from the world because he is strangely different from everyone else as he is a “unfinished creation who has sissors for hands”. This makes him not fit in and feel socially rejected. Throughout the film he slowly becomes accepted as people find him to be unique and edward begins to fit in and feel a sense of belonging especially in his new family and his loce interest.The characters perceptions of belonging in the film start of as feelings of lonliness, isolation, alienation and even the feeling of shame as he has experienced being rejected and not accpeted because of his siccor hands. Edward perception of belonging start…show more content…
In addition Burton has to a great extent visibly explored the feelings and experiences of not belonging and belonging to a group or community through his use of music, fine camera shots and use of visual representations such as colors. The audience can see from the film contradictory worlds of where belonging may or may not be experienced. COLD MOUNTAIN The novel Cold Mountain explores the concept of belonging to two different communities and the negative and positive experiences that take place in Inman and Ada’s love tale. The novel alternates back and forth every chapter between the world of Inman and Ada. The two characters find definitive belonging within each other but as they are separated from the war they are faced with obstacles such as fending for themselves and surviving harsh conditions in their new communities. Throughout the novel symbolism of a window is made which represents the connection that both Ada and Inman have towards each other. The windows view in Inman’s world offers a feeling of hope as he reminisces on where he truly belongs which is with Ada in Cold Mountain. Whereas when Ada looks out at her window she sees a very gloomy dull and cloudy view because she is alone in an unfamiliar rural community waiting on Inman’s

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