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Cold Blood While reading through the passage I noticed “the Journalist” which appeared to be a very important person in the background. Because the thoughtful answers of Dick, which created important parts of the dialogue and were very important contents of the book were based on the questions of “the Journalist”. The first time I read the Passage, I was wondering about who was the “journalist” in this book. I kept reading to understand why the “journalist” kept in touch with Dick and Perry and took Interviews asking a lot of personal questions. The “Journalist” was highlighted, because all the people in the passage were called by their names, only the name of the “journalist” was not mentioned. It seemed to be a person that should not be…show more content…
In the book is described how the verdict of someone is a game of chance compared to the “Wheel of fortune”. It’s also mentioned how a price is put on a human life. Analyzing the paragraph without background information made me thought that the Justice system in the Holcomb is unreasonable and unfair. It seems that the author wants to make us understand that the way the government in Holcomb treats the criminals is not supported by evidence. Perry had some mental problems throughout the book but he was still hanged without a hundred percent check that he might not have full consciousness of what he did. After reading his Interview I got to know that he wanted to write the “true account” of a murder case. Truman Capote wanted to show both sides of the murder case. This is also connected to his thesis which is that the capital punishment is unjust. Presented by the unfair trial to be hanged and the actual event of hanging as being cold, distant and heartless. Truman capote did a great novel with a bias towards Perry, thus the audience will not only see both of the sides of the murder case but also

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