Cm107 Unit 9 Final Essay

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Consequences of Medical Professionals Breaching the Code of Ethics CM107-60 Professor D. Barton February 08, 2013 Consequences of Medical Professionals Breaching the Code of Ethics The study and evolution of medical ethics has been around for centuries. (Cassidy, Barry, Blessing and Dennis 2008) stated that “In the 5th century BC, the Hippocratic Oath was considered to be the beginning, if not the foundation of a medical code of ethics”. Medical ethics are considered to be the study of law and professionalism in the healthcare field. As many of the words spoken today derive from the Greek language, the study of medicine and the moral basis of ethics do too. However it can be concluded from the Hippocratic Oath that the study of medicine has become more informal and mechanical in new age medicine. Due to this many professionals face moral and ethical dilemmas in the work place. Medical professionals who breach the code of ethics can be sued for medical malpractice lawsuits, lose their licenses and the trust of their patients. Medical malpractice is a patient or a patient’s family believing they were wronged by the healthcare system. This can be wrongful diagnosis, being given the wrong medication, or having their private information not properly protected. A few more examples would be receiving/giving improper treatment or care sometimes causing death. Upon any of these events taking place the wronged party will produce a lawsuit against the medical company or even just the professional. Medical malpractice statistics have sky rocketed ever since the healthcare system became more informal and mechanical. (McDonald, Chad, Hernandez, Marlow, Gofman, Yana, Suchecki, Shawna, Schrier and Wayne 2011) stated that “The most common factors leading to medical errors included failure to obtain a proper medical history, order the appropriate
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