Citizenship Naturalization Thesis

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Thesis Statement: The US Citizenship Naturalization is a process that permits legal immigrants residing in the United States to become an American citizen. There are 7 general steps to follow to become an US citizen, such as eligibility, application, pay for the process take a test and take the oath. I. The applicants needs to be eligible to apply for US citizenship II. The applicant needs to complete and application and provide certain documents for processing III. The applicant needs to send the application with all his documents and pictures to the United Stated Citizenship Immigration Services to process it. IV. USCIS will notify the applicant date and place where he needs to be fingerprinted V. USCIS will notify…show more content…
This causes that many immigrants around the world want to come to America to live and have better opportunities of succeed. One of the biggest goals of these immigrants is to become a United States Citizen. In order to achieve this goal they have to go through a process called Naturalization; this Process permits legal immigrants to become US Citizens, and normally it takes approximately 6 months from the date application is filled. US Citizenship Naturalization process has 7 general steps that applicants need to…show more content…
Box 87426 Lincoln, NE 68501-7426 The fourth step of the US naturalization process is to get fingerprinted. Once the applicant has sent his application, the USCIS will sent a letter to the applicant explaining when a where to have the fingerprints taken. The main purpose of being fingerprinted is to retrieve more data from the applicant and to avoid theft identity The fifth step is to be interviewed by a USCIS agent. The United state Citizenship and Immigration Services will send the applicant another letter explaining where and when the applicant must appear for his interview. The day of the interview the applicant must bring to his interview, his permanent resident card, and his passport or any other document the USCIS has asked for it. During the interview, the applicant’s ability to read, write, and speak English will be tested. The applicant will also be given a civics test to test knowledge and understanding of United States History and Government. The USCIS agent will 10 questions, the applicant needs to answer at least 6 question rights to be able to pass his

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