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Cisco Placement Papers and Sample Papers Test conducted on October 17, 2004 Bangalore Cisco Placement Papers and Sample Papers There were almost 40 technical questions and 10 analytical 50 questions.. about analytical questions 1.find perimeter of a trapezium wit 3 sides given and distance b/w parallel sides given... 2.a triangle ABC is given, a line DE is paralel to base side and that cuts the triangle.. the ratio of area of triangle to the area of trapezium .given DE/BC=3/5.. 3.four concentric circles r given .the radius of 1st circle is is 2x,then 3x and 4x. given that area b/w 2nd and 1st is A and 4th and 3rd circles being B.find ratio of A to B 4.difference b/w the perimeteres of two concentric circles is 66.find the difference b/w radius.. ans 10.5 5.3/p=6,3/q=15......find p-q quantitative were simple mostly geometrical type.... technical questions........... 1.which of de following is connectionless protocol ans: UDP 2. #define clrscr() 100 main() { clrscr(); printf("%d",clrscr()); } 3. which of the followin is used for avoidin network congestion bufferin cachin sourcequench all of de above 4.main() { int a; printf("%d",scanf(%d,&a)); } wats o/p of this pgm..wat will b printed ans :0 5. main() { printf("as"); printf("\bhi"); printf("is\n"); } wat will b printed. 6.main() { unsigned short a=-1; unsigned char b=a; printf("%d %d ",a,b); } wat is o/p of the program a. 65535 -1 b. 65535 65535 c. -1 -1 7.arrays base address is 1000....array is a[5][4]..then wat is de correct address of a[4][3]... ans:1056 packet is of pkts send is 16000..then total no of bytes send is ans 1024000 9.#define maxval 5 int main (void) { int i=1; if(i-maxval) { printf("inside"); } else { printf("out"); } find o/p???

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