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I chose to research a business by the name of Extendicare. This facility is a profitable organization that is ran by many different locations but under the same corporation. As the Extendicare website stated “Success means achieving profitable growth over the long term to create value for our unit holders.” [] Extendicare is a nursing home and a rehabilitations center for both young and old people throughout the United States. Their mission is to keep the resident or client as happy, comfortable, and safe as possible. The corporate company is a team playing company, as far as working together as a team to make the business work. In these facilities there are Nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants, Physical…show more content…
to operate as a supplier of long-term care services in Canada with an aim of helping to relieve an overburdened hospital system. 1968 – Pendexcare changes its name to Extendicare (Canada) Ltd. near the end of the year. 1969 – Extendicare purchases its first nursing home in Ottawa, Ontario, and begins construction on four facilities in the province. 1974 – Extendicare (Canada) Ltd. changes its name to Extendicare Ltd. 1975 – Extendicare launches ParaMed Home Health Care – now one of Canada’s largest home care providers. 1976 – Extendicare expands into the United States with the acquisition of Medco Centers, Inc., a nursing home operator with 25 locations in Indiana and Kentucky. 1980 – Extendicare expands into financial, insurance and other services through the acquisition of interest in Crown Life Insurance Company. 1983 – Extendicare Ltd. changes its name to Crownx Inc. 1994 – Crownx Inc. embarks on a five-year construction program to diversify its U.S. operations by building assisted living facilities on sites adjacent to its existing nursing facilities to create a campus-style approach to delivering senior care. Over the next five years, the number of assisted living facilities in operation increases to…show more content…
For example in their break rooms of the facility there are recycle bins for all our paper products as well as recyclable cans and goods. Extendicare also tries to use more washcloths on residents rather than using disposable wipes. This is also beneficiary to the world environment. As a certified nursing assistant you are taught to use your supplies wisely and sparingly as possible while still keeping your resident comfortable and clean. Also Extendicare has a charting system to document all work that is done and performed by each person each day. This is an upgrade from a couple of years ago. They have upgraded from paper charting and documenting everything, to keeping all of the data in a computer system called the

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