Bullet In The Brain Analysis

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Bullet in the Brain In the story bullet in the brain Tobias Wolf uses many literary elements to paint a picture to the reader about this old man that was shot in a bank on a deeper level than him just getting shot. This story does not make the climatic point when this bitter old man is shot cold in a bank robbery but instead it takes the reader into his mind and what he thought right before he died. Him getting shot is only the halfway point in this story; it talks about many memories that he did not think about but just one that he did. He thought about a memory when times were much simpler and he was not such a bitter old man. This thought before he died provides some insight on what type of character Andres is. There is a use of different types of character in this story but they are all flat some are dynamic and some are static. Even though it speaks a lot about Andres in the first half of the story he is still a flat character. The author dose not give the reader enough…show more content…
In my eyes I view the theme as being something along the lines do not ever settle on something you don not want to do. He was doing something he did not really want to do but he did not realize it until right before he died. If his job had not made him into a bitter old man that he was, it contributed more than enough. “Anders had never paid much attention to that part of the bank, a pompous old building with marble floors and counters and pillars, and gilt scrollwork over the tellers’ cages” (Wolf 107). The robber puts the gun to Andre’s head and tells him to look up and he sees a painting he had never seen before even though he had been going to this same bank for years and all he can do is criticize the artwork. That is when it hit him that even with a gun pointed at his head all he could do is criticize the artwork. He feels like he wasted his life and could have easily changed it for the better but then it is to
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