Barbie As a Poor Role Model

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Is Life as Plastic Really Fantastic? Wondering what is the most likely to be on every little girls Christmas list this year? Well, the answer is the 50 year old bombshell named Barbie. Barbie is the blonde haired beauty with 25 different cars, and multiple different careers. Despite her being one of the first toys to portray woman at a feminist angle, she's not a great role model in every aspect. If you met Barbie as a human being, you would be looking at a five foot nine inch beauty. According to, Barbie would weigh close to 112 pounds and have the measurements of 38-18-34: a 38 inch bust, a 18 inch waist, and a 34 inch hip. Her feet would be measuring at a size three. Members of the South Shore Eating Disorder Collaboration (SSEDC) came up with a movement against Barbie known as “Get Real Barbie.” A member of this association mad a life size paper mache of Barbies measurements. The doll couldn't stand up. This means that Barbies real life measurements are so disproportionate that if she were real, she would have to walk on all fours. Considering that the age bracket aimed for Barbie is ages four to twelve, Barbie is creating high expectations for children, as well as adults, to look like her to be considered beautiful. In the late 1960's Mattel, Barbies maker, came out with 'Slumber Party Barbie.” This barbie came with an entire bathroom set including a scale set to 110 pounds. The set also came with a book called “How To Loose Weight.” The simple directions in the book stated “Don't eat.” This leads to poor self image and self confidence later in life, which could eventually turn in to eating disorders or plastic surgery. Sarah Burge, a British mother of three, has broken the world record for having the most plastic surgery. She has spent over $100,000, and has had over 25 procedures. Why did she do this? She wanted to look like Barbie!
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