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RULES * All shots with the tennis racket must be done using the underarm technique. Over arm hits will result in a warning then 2 points will be taken off the team if repeated. * Players can only take 10 steps before passing the ball to each other or shooting for goal. If tagged within the 10 steps then the player must stop and pass the ball. * Players can only shoot for goal past the half way line (in the other team’s territory). * Goalie is the only player in the team which can carry a lacrosse racket. * If ball is on the ground, only 2 players from each team can try and pick it up. This can be done with one hand and the player holding the ball has 5 seconds to throw the ball to another player or hit it with his racket.…show more content…
To catch the tennis ball with a lacrosse stick, a goalie must have a good sense of ball direction. Once the goalie sees the ball direction, he should hold the lacrosse stick tightly and prepare to swerve his body while catching the ball. Once the ball hit the back of the lacrosse stick (net), the goalie should move the racket with the ball direction. If the goalie does not do this, then the ball would hit the net and bounce out. OFFENSIVE STRATEGIES * When 2 players are running to hit the ball, one player can remove the others tag so that the player with the tag missing will not be able to hit the ball. * Hitting the ball against the ground with the tennis racket is an excellent way of guarding the ball from other players. It also helps by giving the player with the ball a shorter distance to hit the ball if the opposing player makes a lunge for the ball. * Having 2 people stay together while playing helps keep the ball with a player. One player can hit the ball to the second and then the second to the first. However this may only for 10 steps by both players before passing to a different player in the

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