Authors Purpose the Color of Water

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Authors Purpose “I thought it would be easier if we were just one color, black or white. I didn't want to be white. My siblings had already instilled the notion of black pride in me. I would have preferred that Mommy were black. Now, as a grown man, I feel privileged to have come from two worlds. My view of the world is not merely that of a black man but that of a black man with something of a Jewish soul.” This quote by the author found on page 103 summarizes his coming to peace with the struggle that he endured throughout the book. He went through a difficult time growing up and trying to figure out who he was. As a child he generally was ashamed of his mother’s race and tried to hide it. As an adult he has realized it has made him who he is today. Growing up in the turbulent times that he did, his siblings taught him not to trust the Whites. He always had difficulty reconciling the fact that his Mother is white. As he wrote the book and learned of his Mother’s journey with race issues, he came to peace with being bi-racial. He did know that she was Jewish and that her entire family considered her dead because she married a black man. He knew that she was never truly accepted by the black community due to the lightness of her skin. Through all of this, she persevered and raised twelve children that accomplished some extraordinary things. The title of the book, “The Color of Water”, is tied into this quote as well. Water absorbs the color of its vessel or surroundings. When his Mother was growing up, she considered herself Jewish. When she was married and with her children, she considered herself black and became a Christian. Towards the end of her life, she quit hiding who she was and shared her history with the author which brought her great
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