Are We Playing Genetic Roulette Analysis

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Are We Playing Genetic Roulette? Essay by Elisha Sherman, age 18 2012 Since the introduction of commercially grown genetically modi!ed (GM) foods in the 1990’s, there has been much debate about whether or not GM products are safe for the environment or the health of humans and animals. Some question whether or not the use of this technology destroys heirloom seeds, contributes to honeybee colony collapse and if its course can be stopped and reversed if it is determined to be harmful. In this essay I have attempted to take look at both perspectives and reach a personal conclusion. Advocates for GM seeds and products claim it is a way to raise healthy crops with little risk to the farmer. They assure the public their products are safe for the environment, and if ever proven not safe, there are places where no GM is…show more content…
They claimed that he was encouraging the farmers to steal their GM patent and then replant it without buying it from Monsanto.12 The amount of information available about Monsanto’s unscrupulous practices is ubiquitous. Monsanto’s objective is not for the bene!t of the farmer or consumer; it’s all about pro!t. Monsanto wages an exorbitantly expensive campaign today against labeling foods that are produced with the genetically modi!ed techniques that they are so proud of. Why? If they are so con!dent of and pleased with their accomplishments, why would they spend over 8 11 Percy Schmeiser vs Monsanto: The Story of a Canadian Farmer’s Fight to Defend the Rights of Farmers and the Future of Seeds by Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman. 12 Elisha Sherman

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