Annual Report for Ebay 2011 Research Paper

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Annual Report for eBay Inc. Year Ending 2011 Shaun Evan Wright ACC 100: Accounting Professor Howard Katz Strayer University March 2013 Introduction With any company, you have an annual report. An annual report is a document that identifies and communicates to different investors and other people concerned about that company’s financial status. The annual report takes a look at the company’s financial earnings, assets, controls and procedures, quantitative and qualitative disclosures, etc. In this paper, that I am writing, we will explore and gather information from a very reputable and known company known as eBay Inc. I will be using their annual report from 2011, and explain the main sections of the report, discuss key factors that helped influence the company’s financial performance for the year stated above, the company’s assets, and we will also explain how management characterizes the internal control environment. Annual reports for a company are usually divided into sections to separate different topics or ideas. In the annual report for eBay, the main sections that are spoken about are the business section, legal proceedings, selected financial data, market for related stockholder matters and issuer purchaser equity. The business section of the annual report basically tells exactly what the business is. It informs the reader on when the business was founded, who founded it, what products and services the business offers, and how many customers have used their business. According to the annual report, eBay was founded in September of 1995 as a sole proprietor, but was incorporated in 1996. The legal proceedings section is the section of the annual report that identifies lawsuits that had taken place throughout the year explaining the reason why and disposition. The selected

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