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Blake Fazio Mrs Hooven English 101E 22 September 2009 Andy Scrivani’s Impact on Me in the World of Boxing There was an ex-pugilist elderly man, who fought in the 1936 Olympic boxing at the Berlin Summer Games as Men's Lightweight weight class category. When he met my father, my life was going to change forever. It was such a coincidence for my dad to just meet just like that at the Gymnasium of the Barry’s Family. My father was uncertain that if he should just throw me in the ring. I saw doubt and confusion upon him. He thought about this difficult and complicated circumstance for two long years. My dad decided to go to Barry’s Boxing, which was filled with heavy bags, speed bags, had two boxing rings, and had posters…show more content…
He was born in Chicago, Illinois. In his youth, he always involved bad situation. He told me that he stole bread from the store because his family was extremely poor. One day, this pastor saw him stealing bread from the store, and he was astonished. He went right to Andy and told him to come with him. Andy was really afraid, but he went with the pastor anyway. The Pastor took him to this building that had the letters “CYO” inscribed on it. CYO stands for Catholic Youth Organization, which was an affiliation that provided social services, community centers, and vacation schools, but it was well-known for sports such as boxing and basketball. The Pastor told him it was best for him to join the boxing team. His coach said, “The three most important fundamentals of boxing are small moves, versatility, and balance. Make sure to be in the right frame of mind.” Andy pointed his finger to my head as he said this directly to me. He told that I’m really young because when he began boxing, he was the age of…show more content…
He won the 1935 National Golden Gloves Tournament of Chicago. He also won the Intercity Golden Gloves Championship at featherweight (one hundred and twenty-six pounds). At age nineteen, he represented the United States at Lightweight (one hundred and thirty-six pounds) in the 1936 Berlin Olympiad, but his journey ended at the quarterfinals. He had twenty-one professional fights in his career from 1936-1941. Later in his life, he coached other fighters. Now, Andy takes care of his wife. He also sometimes dropped by the Barry’s Boxing Gymnasium mostly on Saturdays. Even though I boxed for nine whole years, he still teaches and reminds me about the fundamentals of the sport of boxing. He influenced me so much that I never thought about stopping or quitting the sport because I know that I have a goal, which is something that I still hadn’t accomplished yet, which is to win the National Title. He told me that I’m always learning something inside the ring and outside the ring every

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