Ancient Egyptian Self Identity Essay

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Ancient Egyptian Self-Identity by Katie Jackson Kenyon College, 2003 © Katie Jackson 2004, All Rights Reserved     Table of Contents: I.        Abstract    II.       Introduction III.      Physical Appearance: Ancient Versus Modern IV.     Written Evidence V.      Artistic Evidence VI.     Egyptians’ Comparison With Others VII.    Uses of Foreigners VIII.    Us versus Them IX.     Egyptians Outside of Egypt X.      Foreigners Becoming Egyptian XI.     Conclusion XII.     Bibliography XIII.    Endnotes I. Abstract     In this article, I discuss how the ancient Egyptians determined their own racial or ethnic identity.  While the common practice in many areas of the world today is to define race as an immutable part of each person, ancient Egyptians conceived of their identity in terms more ethnic than racial; that is, it was possible for an individual’s identity to change between birth and death.  Drawing from sources such as artwork, and primary texts and records, I demonstrate that “racial” identity in Egypt was fluid and could and did change depending upon the circumstances; it was closer to the modern concept of ethnicity than of race.[1] II. Introduction Race and ethnicity are topics of great weight in the modern world, with multiple studies covering the various aspects of identity associated with them.  Race is often seen as static and unchangeable, as determined by one’s physical features and family background, while ethnicity is a more fluid entity, one that is similar to race but that can be

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