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Analysis of "Obama!!!" by David Sedaris In “Obama!!!” David Sedaris describes the experiences he has had through discussions with people about race issues in America. David Sedaris resides in a small village in Normandy and has through his residence there, as well as many other trips outside the USA, experienced much prejudice towards Americans. He refers to the local newspapers in the region and their stories on the American politics. When Obama was in the run for president in 2008, a friend of David Sedaris, Mary Beth, was asked if she, as a white American, would vote for a black man. This type of prejudice towards Americans as well as racial issues is the main topic of “Obama!!!” During his narrative David Sedaris uses humor as his main rhetorical device. The use of humoristic elements help the reader sympathize with his opinions, since it lowers their barriers and makes them more receptive to his arguments. An example of this is his opinion on Obama’s inauguration, which he viewed on BBC while being in London. According to Sedaris, the channel continuously told the audience that Obama was black, for instance saying “Barack Obama, who is black, is arriving now with his black wife and two black children, a group that will form America’s first black First Family” . Sedaris’ retelling of the…show more content…
He didn’t vote for Obama because of race, but instead because Obama was apple to deliver a good speech, in contrast to the two previous democratic candidates. He argues that white people’s focus on anti-racism can seem false and feigned. Superficial statements like, “How could I be racist when my first boyfriend was black?” , make him queasy. He reveals that he feels obligated to say hello to “anyone darker than a peanut” on an American street, since silence could send the signal that he is made uneasy by their presence. He doubts whether this makes him a racist or just race
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