An Ordinary Guy Who Became a Hero

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An Ordinary Guy Who Became a Hero How does an ordinary guy become a hero or a champion? Where lays the bar that transforms a worldly male into a hero? Our influential leaders are mockeries of genuine males. Heroes became known through the ages of time and myth. Heroes appear in numerous varieties, but the traits such as: chivalry, loyalty, humility, courtesy, and courage, reappear as an idea throughout the "hero" personality. When put into any circumstance, a hero can win if he stays firm to his dignified standards. The fifteen-day Christmas celebration in Camelot, King Arthur was gathered around the Round Table with his court, when the door burst open. In rides an intruder high on his horse, dressed in all green. He dismounts and calls upon the court for a challenge. The challenge consists of one man taking a swing at this intruder and then accepting one back. No one of Arthur’s court wanted to accept the challenge, so Arthur prepares himself to take on the so called “Green Knight”. Sir Gawain then volunteers in Arthur’s place. He takes his weapon and clobbers the head off of the green man. As the headless knight begins to leave, he tells Gawain that he must accept the blow in a year’s time at the headless green giant’s green chapel. “Armed with a golden pentangle” (Hardman), the young challenger leaves for the chapel and on the way reaches a castle, where he is taken in. Gawain spends several days making himself into a hero through his valiant deeds. A champion is a knightly gentleman with traits such as chivalry, loyalty, humility, courtesy and courage. Sir Gawain, in “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight”, should be considered a hero because he meets the criteria for chivalry, courage and loyalty. The traditional view of Sir Gawain is the paragon of Christian chivalry. The code of chivalry defines a knight in the ways of his values and actions. Chivalry follows

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