An Inspector Calls

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An Inspector Calls EssaysFriday, October 1st, 2010 Establishing Relation between key themes in An Inspector Calls Essay J.B. Priestley’s An Inspector Calls is a classic three-act drama, first performed in the year 1945. Hailed as a classic of the mid twentieth century English theatre, the play has had a successful revival with its production for the National Theatre in 1992. Like many other Priestley’s works, the play explores the themes of Class-consciousness, gender conflict, blend of supernatural and real, nature of time, social responsibility, among others. The central themes in Priestley’s oeuvre share relation of sorts, an analysis of which can be taken up in An Inspector Calls Essay. an inspector callsWriting An Inspector Calls Essays: List of Prominent Themes and their Relationship Class-consciousness and Individual Responsibility Analysing the play from a socialist perspective inevitably bring forward the issues of class-consciousness, social responsibility of an individual, and collective impact of personal decisions. Priestley repetitively refers to class distinctions and implies the importance of social responsibility. The Birling’s are consciousness of their high social status, a self-awareness that makes them justify their own wrong doings. When writing An Inspector Calls Essays, illustrate ways in which class-consciousness bring about Eva/Daisy’s breakdown, leaving The Birlings on a brink of scandal and ruin. Beauty and Working Women A recent survey showed that beautiful women face more difficulties at work place as compared to average women. The revelation may seem quite contrary to the popular belief, but when observed closely the thesis appears self-justified. Priestley strikes a similar note as beauty and its adverse impact on working women is a dominant theme in the play An Inspector Calls. Eva is described as “pretty with soft brown

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