An Analysis Of Raymond Carver's Cathedral

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The short story “Cathedral” by Raymond Carver is about a blind man named Robert whose wife has recently passed. He made a visit to spend the night with his old friend and her husband. The narrator of the story is not happy about the visit from Robert. The narrator is an insensitive, superficial, cocky middle aged man. He thinks that blind people are sad, depressing and unable to live fulfilling lives. His idea of blindness comes from movies. “The blind moved slowly, never laughed, and were led by seeing-eye dogs” (Raymond Carver Cathedral pg. 33) Now Robert, on the other hand is insightful, compassionate, and genuinely listens to what others have to say. In addition to all mentioned above Robert is accomplished, well-traveled, well-spoken individual.…show more content…
At first he was distant and judgmental towards Roberts. He doubted Robert’s ability to live life fulfilling because of his visual impairment. However, as the story progressed the narrator start to understand Robert’s way of life. The narrator learned that being blind doesn’t limit your ability to live life because there are alternative ways to see and enjoy things in life. Even though Robert was blind he was happy and he was able to make other happy with his sense of humor and compassionate nature. He never let the thought of being blind or miserable. He knew he had to be strong for people like the Narrator’s wife, whom was on the brink of suicide. For that reason, he was able to see life in a good light where he could make deep connections with those around him and appreciate the finer things in life. The theme in this short story is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If lacking in one thing it is gained in another. The narrator has his vision intact. He believed as most us did up until reading this story that his eyes were being used correctly, that he saw the world for what it is. Lo and behold the blind man made him use his inner vision to perceive the cathedral, gave him the ability to start to look at things at a deeper level. His did not see things for what they really were. He never made an effort to look beyond the surface of things either. The…show more content…
Throughout the story to narrator puts great emphasis on how poor and unfortunate it is to be blind. It’s was difficult for the narrator understand how a blind man could reliable, show compassion and make connections with people better than he ever could. The narrator tries numerous times to understand how Robert, the blind man was able to entertain his wife and help her in her time of need, because he only saw was Roberts’ disability. He never called Robert’s by his name, he used “blind man” to identify him and stress to the readers that his blindness was all he saw, his defining character trait. As the story continues to unfold, the narrator comes to a realization that you don’t need eyes to see the world. Robert’s had a unique way of looking at life and finding deeper meaning in everyday ordinary things that other people would have taken for

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