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10) What did the Bretton Woods conferees agree to do in 1944? 9) When did the sterling-based gold standard begin to unravel? 1) Why does the IMS exist? 2) The ________ establishes the rules by which countries value and exchange their currencies. 12) The term ___ means that a currency’s value is determined by the forces of supply and demand. 11) The World Bank is also known as the ________ CHAPTER 5: INTERNATIONAL MONETARY SYSTEM 3) Which country was the first to adopt the gold standard? 13) ________ are those that bear significant risk of not being repaid. 4) __________ is the price of one currency in terms of a second currency. 14) What is the primary purpose of the IFC? 5) A ____________ refers to the official price of a currency in terms of gold. 15) What determines a country's borrowing power from the IMF? 20) Dirty float is another term for ___________. 6) Assume you are an American exporter in 1895. What currency would you most likely want to receive for business transactions? A) U.S. dollar C) German deutschmark B) British pound sterling D) French franc 16) Which currency played a central role in the Bretton Woods system? 7) ____________________ focused on the need to reduce the debts of troubled countries by writing off the debts or by providing the countries with funds to buy back their loans at below face value. 21) The ________ was created to manage currency relationships within the EU. 17) What occurred at the Louvre Accord? The value of the U.S. dollar was __________. 18) What resulted from the Smithsonian Conference? The U.S. dollar was __________. 8) What decision was made at the Smithsonian Conference in 1971? 22) Under the Jamaica Agreement countries were _______________ 19) _________________was an effort to resolve the international debt crisis through debt rescheduling,

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