Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hammurabi

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Ancient Civ Study Guide Agrarian Society - Farming and agriculture 3 Disadvantages of the Mesopotamia Plain - Too hot - Too dried - Unexpected floods 3 gods worshipped in Ancient Mesopotamia - Anu: god of the sky - Ianna: goddess of fertility - Marduk: city god of Babylon What was Hammurabi’s code and why was it important? - Hammurabi's code, was a law of exact revenge, which we call lex talionis. - “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a life for a life” - Reveals to us that human law has as its fundamental basis revenge Cities of Ur and Uruk - Gilgamesh : Uruk Ziggurat - Housed each city-state's patron god or goddess - Only priests were permitted inside the ziggurats C.E. - Common era Characters from the Epic - D…show more content…
- Sdgasdf - Asdgasdf - Asdgadf Egyptian Social Class Structure - Pharoh - Priests and visirs - Royal Overseers - District Government - Scribes - Artisans - Farmers/Laborers Memphis and Thebes - Memphis: first capital of Egypt - Thebes: religious capital of Egypt Cartouche - A box around a name to signify royalty Rosetta Stone, who deciphered it? - Gasdfasdsadkgasdfasd - Asldghasdf - Sdfasd Gods and Goddesses, what were their roles? - Osiris: ruler and judge of the dead in the underworld, powerful figure in ancient Egyptian cosmology - Hathor: sky goddess, protector of the sun at night - Horus: falcon-headed god of the sky and embodiment of divine kingship, protected Upper Egypt - Nut: sky goddess, body made of stars - Anubis: the jackal, guardian of the body, its divine embalmer and protector The importance of the Nile River and its cataracts - Erdfgasd - Asdfasdf - Adsfasdf Zoroastrianism - Dgasdfasdf Buddhism - India - Prophet: Buddha - Sacred writings Judaism - Sdjgahlsdf - When did Israel gain independence? Who did they gain it from? - Dgasdf - Oracle Bones - Cracking the bone of the animal or the shell of a tortoise, reading the

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