A Good Man Is Hard To Find Essay

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Kethia Joseph 3/7/2011 “A Good Man is Hard to Find” by FLANNERY O’CONNOR A family of six is planning a vacation trip to Florida. The family consists of the grandmother, the father, the mother and three children. The grandmother tried to convince her son to go to Tennessee instead of Florida. She is concerned about a criminal on the loose who is also going to Florida. Nobody listens to her and the trip will end up in tragedy. The writer uses a simple story to show how simple events can have dramatic effects on our life. On the road to Florida they take a side road to look at an old house that the grandmother wanted to see. The father had initially refused to take that side road but he gave up after the children insisted. To gain their support, the grandmother had mentioned the existence of “secret panels” in the house. While driving on the road which was full of dust and hilly, the cat that the grandmother had brought with her in secret jumped out of a basket onto the shoulder of Bailey, her son. He lost control of the car causing it to turn over. They were waiting on the road for someone to drive by but unfortunately help would arrive in the shape of the escaped criminals. It was the end of their journey. This tragic story, told in a very simple style, makes us realize how fragile life can be. A trip to Florida instead of Tennessee, a wrong turn to a dirt road, a cat jumping suddenly out of a basket, are enough to change this family’s life forever. We end up asking if destiny truly exist or if the family simply was at the wrong place at the wrong

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