1960s Music Festivals

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Junior Paper Kyle Ellis Music Festivals Comparative 1960s and 2000s U.S History Mr. Hicks Music Festivals has brought people together throughout history. “The very first music festivals were arguably in Ancient Egypt around 4500 B.C., the Pre-Dynastic Period. This particular music festival consisted of religious ceremonies and political fests which featured music and dancing.”(Hearsy,Adam 1) Music Festivals were heavily religious in the beginning but soon fanned out into a wider range of musical influences. “The first known music festival to be held in Ancient Greece was during the 6th Century B.C. during The Pythian Games. The games were usually held two years before, and after the Olympic Games. Unlike the mainly sports…show more content…
The reason why people go to some concerts has altered from the 1960s. The era of free love and peace was at its peak in the 60s. This could be seen the strongest at music festivals. The heavy use of drugs such as LSD, Heroin, Psychedelic Mushrooms, etc. came with the Hippie culture. The performers at the festival were often on the drugs they were promoting to the crowd. It was not uncommon for musicians to be so “drugged-up” that they had trouble performing their own songs. The most notable music festival with heavy drug use in the 1960s was Woodstock. “Tripping on acid, smoking opium, snorting cocaine, using psychedelic mushrooms, and many other forms of getting high were frequently seen at Woodstock.”(Kent, Ryan 5) The drug use was so openly accepted during Woodstock and concerts alike that the announcer would warn people about bad acid. Acid tents were set up throughout Woodstock for people having “bad trips” or other issues relating to drugs.“ Woodstock reported 5,162 medical cases, according to a state Health Department report released October 4, 1969. Of these, 797 were instances of drug abuse. The report lists two deaths by drug overdose, two of only three total.”(Kent,Ryan 5) The acceptation of drugs has completely changed from the 1960s to the 2000s. The security at the music festivals of the 2000s is very strict. There are drug dogs at every entrance and if you are seen with drugs or alcohol you are thrown out. The social acceptation of drugs is not as strong as it was in the 60s. a study finds that “Overall, concerns about drug use are high. Over half of all Americans say their concern about drug use has increased over the past five years (53%).”(The Gallup Organization) The public awareness of drug use and abuse has increased, causing people to be less accepting of drug use. There are different purposes for music festivals in the 2000s than there was in the 1960s. More and more charitable music

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