12 Angry Men

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A12 Angry Men Essay 12 Angry Men, is a courtroom drama about one juror who slowly succeeds in persuading the remaining eleven jurors that the case presented in the courtroom, was not as clear as they originally perceive. Based on the novel, 12 Angry Men, by Reginald Rose, the movie gives an excellent example of Carnegie’s prescriptive methods of persuasion; pathos (emotion), logos (logic) and ethos (ethics), or rhetoric, at work. The movie also provides an example of how a person’s personality, social and emotional IQ, world view, basic need and own expertise in rhetoric play a role in communication and the persuasion of others. Overall, 12 Angry Men, was an interesting movie that brought out the art of persuasion and communication required in a Jury room setting. The first Juror to vote not-guilty in the case, is Juror eight, a self-actualized man with an Engineer-type personality, who suggests the jury first discuss the facts of the case before condemning the accused eighteen year old to death. As a natural thinker, expert in rhetoric, and individual with a high social and emotional IQ, which allows him to relate and understand people well, Juror eight manages to put doubt into the minds of the other juror’s about the accuracy of the evidence provided in the courtroom. For instance, he uses a combination of ethos, logos and pathos when explaining how the court story of the club legged old man, who heard the murder and saw the boy running down the stairs, flawed. In the story the club legged old man tells in court, he heard someone cry-out and a body hit the floor above him before he hurried from his bed to the door at the end of the hall, about sixty-five feet away, in ten seconds and opened the door just in time to see the eighteen year old running down the stairs. In the jury room, Juror eight first used pathos, to appease to the emotion and sympathy of the
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