10 Tenants of Cessare Beccari

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Patty Miller 10 Tenants of Cesare Beccaria Buena Vista University 10 Tenants of Cesare Beccaria Cesare Beccari was born on March 15, 1738, in Milan, Italy. His family was rich because he was born into an aristocrat family. He was very shy person when put into social settings but loved spending time with his family and friends. He received his primary education at a Jesuit school in Parma, Italy where he excelled at math. Cesare Becarria biography states, “he later attended the University of Parma, where he received a law degree in 1758” (Cesare Beccaria Biography - Facts, Birthday, Life Story ... (n.d.). In 1760, he married Teresa Blasco. She was only sixteen years old, and her father strongly objected to their getting engaged. They eloped a year later, and in 1762 had a baby girl who was the first of the couple’s three children (Cesare Beccaria biography, n.d.). Classical Criminology is often associated with Cesare Beccaria. Much of his work was based upon everyone possesses free will to make their own choices based on free will. Also on rational thoughts and manners that people’s own personal satisfaction is rationally based on each individual. And lastly manipulability, which is the idea that there is a universal mental ability that people and their actions can be controlled and are very predictable. This approach became the model for modern day criminal justice systems. Crime at that time was identified with sin, and the state claimed that they had the moral authority to use horrible and barbaric torture on criminals. By administering the death penalty, the state alleged it was acting in the place of God. Beccaria was a challenged writer whose desire was to apply rational ideas to crime and the criminal justice system to change the needless, extravagant and extreme punishments of his time. His writings inspired our founding fathers.
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