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“a Peaceful Woman Explains Why She Carries a Gun” Essay

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Below is an essay on "“a Peaceful Woman Explains Why She Carries a Gun”" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

No one ever really stops and thinks what am I really by having this gun? Most think its saying I need protection and I want to be able to protect myself from harmful things in this world such as robbers, rapist, wild animals, etc. Others think why would I have such a thing that causes so much harm in the world today and is the reason there are robbers, and rapist? In this essay Linda Hasselstrom tries to explain in a very detailed way on why she needs a gun given her own experiences. In my case I really can’t agree guns go against a majority of the things I believe in today.
Linda’s essay is aiming more towards the women aspect of being able to protect themselves overall, because most of the time women can’t protect themselves as well as a man would be able to, that most of the time men are stronger and that has been proven true. This gives her a very valid reason for having a gun.
I believe that just because most of the population in the world has this idea, well proven fact, pretty much imprinted in their brains does not mean it cannot be defied. Women are well capable of being able to protect themselves as well as man, it may take a lot more hard work and training but I think no one should ever just sell themselves short to society’s beliefs and idea’s.
She also uses her own experiences where she has been in fear for her life. One account is when she is driving home from one of her night classes that she teaches in town that’s about 25 miles away from it in the middle of nowhere pretty much. She explains that the car was following her and when it passed her the passenger shined a spotlight at her that caused her to stop. Then says that the car stopped in the middle of a bridge and four men jumped out of the car, she doesn’t exactly say that she is defenseless but when she said “I realized the locked doors were useless if they broke the windows of my pick up.” The way she portrayed that statement in the essay was obvious as just another way of saying “I am...

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