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Sociology of Music Essay

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  • on October 13, 2012
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1.1     Write   a   short   definition   of   the   sociology   of   music   in   a   paragraph.   [8   marks]
Paddison   (2009),   cited   in   King   and   Vos   (2009:1),   asserts   that   sociology   of   music   is,   “the   study   of   the   role   of   music   within   society,   its   dynamic   as   a   mode   human   communication   and   its   position   within   established   social   structures.”   Sociology     of   music   can   also   be   defined   as   the   manner   in   which   people   arrange   their   musical   encounter   through   organisations,   in   various   sectors,   and   via   the   music   industry,   and   the   ways     in   which   they influence   the   ways   music   is   produced,   performed, marketed   consumed,   and   comprehended   within   a   particular   society.

1.2   Choose   and   discuss   any   four   (4)   of   the   following   themes   or   discourses   in   the   sociology     of   music     [72   marks]  
*   Music   and   politics
The   correlation   between   music   and   politics   is   of   remarkable   significance   to the   music   of   South   Africa,   dating   back   to   the   pre-colonial   days   where   music   was   a   fundamental   tool   in its defiance   against   apartheid. In their encounter with Europeans under colonialism and apartheid, black South Africans struggled to preserve their African identity. In   the   following   extract   David   Coplan   and     Bennetta   Jules-Rosette , “…explore   the   ways   in   which       Nkosi   Sikelel’   iAfrika,     transformed   from   church   hymn   into   protest   song.” King   and   Vos     (2009:78) .   The   scholars   on   this   subject   also   explore   how   the   song   was   spread   throughout   the   continent   of   Africa   because   of   freedom   fighters   who   went   for   exile . From the middle of the nineteenth century, an emergent urban black intellectual elite used choral music to articulate the experiences and aspirations of their people. The   loss of   independence   among   the   black   people   of   South   Africa   had   been   largely   due   to   British   colonialism   in...

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